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You will find information and resources on many topics: spiritual formation, mental health, emotional intelligence, prayer, deconstruction, and more. But, most importantly, you will find community within a safe and contemplative space where everyone's stories and experiences are heard and validated.

About Eremos.Community

Eremos (Eh-RAY-moes) brings together spiritual seekers, skeptics, and believers to share inspiration, practical experience, and challenges with each other so that we can grow in self-awareness and God-awareness and live mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy lives.

The Benefits of Eremos.Community

  • Time, location, and size are not obstacles to our formative community
  • Practices and resources are presented in multiple formats and accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Our dynamic and interactive community engages with one another through the online activity feed. Members respond to prompts, participate in live gatherings, and bring their questions or needs to the community in-between scheduled events and group meetings. 
  • In addition to the larger (free) public space, there are also more focused, self-contained, and private spaces. Some are paid, some are invite-only, and some require an application process. This promotes confidentiality and trust for members within the focused spaces. At the same time, all continue to benefit from the larger community space. 
  • The Eremos Online Community is entirely removed from social media companies. Members will not be exposed to ads, politics, hate speech, or the general toxicity of other social media platforms to access resources in our life-giving online community. No data, contact information, or other personal details are utilized or sold elsewhere. Eremos.Community is safer and more secure than any private Facebook group or social media space.
  • Eremos.Community is available on all devices. It can be accessed on a desktop from any browser and is accessible on iOS and Android devices through the secure Mighty Networks app.